Consider This A Sign You’re Ready For A Fresh Start + What It Means For You

The Page of Swords signals a new perspective or direction. The sword suit is associated with themes like intellect, as well as action, and according to tarot reader and founder of Witchy Wellness Leah Vanderveldt, pages are typically beginner energy and the start of a new phase, almost like a new moon.

“Pages are informed by the cycle/cards that came before them (i.e., the Ace through 10 of the suit), but interact with them in a new way,” she explains.

So in the case of the Page of Swords, this page has a new vantage point. “It can feel like a breath of fresh air, with a new sense of direction, idealism, and enthusiasm,” Vanderveldt notes, adding that this card encourages both observing patterns and trying new things.

This card can also encourage you to start anew in mental pursuits, mental health, and communication—without needing external validation to do it, she says. “You’re being called to embody the lessons you’ve learned and lean into your curiosity.”

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