Eating More Of This May Lower Risk Of Death By 10%, Study Finds

Though risk of death was lower, especially due to those two defined causes, the researchers did note that higher ALA intake was also associated with a slightly higher risk of cancer. Specifically, they found that there were 63 extra cancer deaths in the groups with the highest compared compared to the lower levels of ALA intake.

They also point out that, though many studies were considered, they were observational studies, which means it’s not possible to claim causality. So while there may be a link between higher ALA intake and lower risk of death, based on this data, researchers can’t say for certain that eating more foods with ALA will promote longevity.

If living longer is your aim, there are some other things that longevity experts swear are key to a long life: Sergey Young has made it his personal mission to live to 200, and he shared his ultimate list of must-do’s with us on the mindbodygreen podcast.

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