I’m A Holistic Vet: These 6 Tips Can Help Your Pets Live Longer

Dogs are social creatures, so one of the best things you can do for their emotional well-being is to cultivate a rich social life for them. Identify a handful of dogs your pooch really likes, and then make it a point to have play dates throughout their life.

Dogs needs lots of regular opportunities to be dogs—to sprint at full speed, dig in dirt, roll around on the ground, play, tug, gnaw, bark, chase, etc., and you get to provide them these opportunities.

Warning: If dogs don’t gain key life experiences between approximately four and 14 weeks of age in a safe and positive manner, they can be challenged for the rest of their lives, socially and emotionally. If your puppy missed this key step, or you’re seeing unwanted behaviors, address them ASAP with the help of a vet behaviorist or fear-free trainer.

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